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moose harmon
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1976-Moose's first colorado car and first win. Lakeside speedway in denver--1967 ford Torino--built in a motel parking lot on south Santa Fe blvd in...
1977---the 67 t-bird in front we built in a shop at 16th and Peoria in Aurora--this was our first homebuilt car from the ground up--it had a 1 pc...
Moose's 1978 car--this is a mid 60's Mercury Caliente with a 351 cleveland----this is basicaly a re-skin of the full frame t-bird from 77--this is...
1979/mid 1980---we decided in 79 to stop running fords and look elsewhere for speed--we bought Terry Stubblefield's championship car in the winter...
When the 67 Coronet burned up in mid season 1980--we built this 72 Duster in 10 days--salvaged what we could from the other car---It took us until...
This is Moose's 1981 "super stock"  Plymouth duster---same car as the late 80 season car, with a badder motor and a serious paint job--"Big Bill"...
This is the last pic of the original Dart bodied petty car--the day this pic was taken--late season 82--Moose had hit the car in front of him on a...
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