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This was the car I owned with lots of help from the Gardner clan. I only raced it about three times till I destroyed it. Probably a blessing in...
1980 Santa Maria in the Crowell car
1988- Lester Robertson's car
driving Bill Jones' car 1988
80 leading a heat race- Redican, Venard, Roa, Sylvester, Goade
80 racing some dude named Bubby Jones and Duane Feduska
1980 muddy hot laps. Ascot was real heavy early in the evening. After hot laps you came in with probably 100 lbs. of clay on the car!
80 calistoga
'80 Ascot racing with Clark Templeman
80 ascot me & wolfgang
1980 Ascot-Jerry Hudson, Jim McCaskill
1980 Ascot Jerry Hudson, Jimmy Sills
1980 Ascot- Jerry Hudson, Peter Nunn
1979 Ascot- Tommy Vardeman's car
1980 Ascot Eddie Wirth, Jerry Hudson

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