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CRA 60's stuff
Here's one I found over on The HAMB message board. Bob McCoy in Charlie Chassey's (Steve Chassey's dad) car leads at San Gabrial Valley Speedway as...
1969-Bob Hogle in the brand new Edmunds built Tamale wagon with Stan McElrath outside.
Jack Brunner in Pop Miller's car and Allen Heath in Bruce Bromme's Offy.
The late Walt James sends Don Thomas out for his Qualifying round at Ascot in the early 60's.
OK- it's not a 60's pic but this car was built in 68 before cages were mandated. This is the Pop Miller car in 1971, the first car I helped work on...
Ron Rea el centro 68. leading Frank Secrist in Pop Miller's brand new Ray Wilson built #5.
Hogle 68 in the Famous Tamale Wagon
1964- Hal Minyard in the Surdam 14. Johnny Gavin in the Pop Miller 2.
Hawley 2
Don Hawley driving Bob East (Sr.'s) car in 1968
Hank Henry in one of his own creations. This is the Vern Willianson Chevy at San Gabriel in 1967.
Paul Jones- Bromme Offy '69 at El Centro
Heath- Vel's Ford 1963
Foyt, Parnelli. This is a late season 1963 USAC race.
By the late 60's there were only about 5 offys still running with CRA. These were two of them. Jack Brunner is in the Williamson 90 and Walt Reiff is...
Hogle outside, Heath inside.

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