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Paul's Model Racing Cars
Models I built for drivers from the past.
Top view of Thurman car.
Another shot of the Thurman car.
Model I built for Sherian Thurman-Graham. She and her husband Don raced the car in the 1960's.
Rear view of Forehand #18 Sedan
Front shot of Forehand #18 Sedan
Model I built for Carol Forehand-Grimm.
Graham #7 4
Graham #7 3
Graham #7 2
Graham #7 1
Gallo Model
#07 Model
#07 Under the covers
Model I built for Blu Plemons. It's his car from about 1960. Thanks to Scotty Backman for the stickers. I still need to learn how to make my own!
Model I built for Bob Land. It's the Mike Barney #9 car. Numbers by Backman.
Model I made for Don Wilson. Numbers by Backman.
My most recent model. Built for Bob Harrington. Couldn't find a 3-window body that wasn't chopped! Numbers by Rick Wasilko.
Second photo of Bob Harrington's #3.

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