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Englewood Jalopies
Al Hunter #31, George Oaks #0 - 1956
Paul Anderson - 1959
Harry Lofgren crash - 1950's
'Butt up' in front of the grandstands
Sideways in front of the pack
1953 Englewood Speedway ad
Russ Forbes #109, Bill Starks #44 - 1951
"Flippy. Real flippy, man."
Tumbling down the Englewood backchute
Rubber side up @ Englewood
Early '50's Englewood action
Len Winters 1951 @ Englewood Speedway
Sam Langley #1, Bobby Kelly #4 - 1951
John Tadolini 1955
John Tadolini #14, Eke Chapin #70
Walter Avants
If you look close at the tumbling #15, the driver seems to be holding on to the steering column for dear life while flying backwards out of the...
Action down the Englewood back stretch!
1950's Jalopy pile up @ Englewood
Blackie Blackard #46 piles head-on into the action!

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