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The Keokuk Komets
The Keokuk Komets are a group of race car drivers that all hail from Keokuk,IA. The include: Don White, Ramo Stott, Ernie Derr, the late Dick Hutcherson and his brother Ron Hutcherson, Lem Blankenship, Gordon Blankenship, and Jerry McCredie.
Ramo Stott's 1970 Plymouth Superbird.
Ramo Stott's 1966 Plymouth ARCA car.
Ramo Stott's #0 1966 Plymouth.
Ramo Stott at the 1969 Talledega 500.
Ramo Stott's #0 Plymouth.
Ramo Stott's #0 Plymouth.
Ramo Stott's #7 Plymouth.
Ramo Stott ready for a race.
Lem Blankenship's #6 Dodge.
Lem Blankenship gets the checkered flag.
Lem Blankenship & Ramo Stott's #77 Plymouth Superbird.
Lem Blankenship's #6 Dodge.
Jerry McCredie's IMCA Car #4.
Ron Hutcherson's 1971 Ford Torino.
Gordy Blankenship's #17 Dodge.
Ernie Derr racing at the Minnesota State Fair in 1970.
Ernie Derr in victory lane again.
Ernie Derr in victory lane at the Iowa 300 in 1969.
Ernie Derr in what I call his STP pajamas.
Ernie Derr's #1 Plymouth.

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