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SE Wisconsin - early '70's dirt track
This album contains scans of articles from the Midwest Racing News, and a number of photographs from 1972 and 1973 of some of the Sportsman Cars from that era.
Finishing at the Young America on Wheels race.
Racing at the Wisconsin Fair Park Mile Oval for the 1973 Young America on Wheels exhibition race.  We really had to work to get the car ready.  We...
This is Donn's second sportsman car.  I'm guessing that it was a '61 Ford Starliner.  This thing was huge!
I think that's it for this car.
The final Straw.  This was the first night out after fixing the car after the Cedarburg rollover.  In this picture, the car is coming down for the...
This is going to need some work
Not looking too good.
A little worse for wear.
Two laps into the heat race at the 1972 opening night at Cedarburg.
First day of the 1972 season at Cedarburg.
The was the first car of the 1972 season.  We tried to make it light so it would fly with a small block engine.  It flew all right.  Check out some...
Donny in his Mercury.  This was a few years after he moved out of the Milwaukee area.
Gregg Chudy and his '61 Ford
Donny winning a Semi-Feature race in 1972
Donny winning a Feature Race at Hales Corners in 1973.
The paint job is a little better than the first night we ran it.  Donn said he wasn't going to the track with the car looking like it was pieced...
This was the first night out for the reborn #71.  The first one in 1972 was a '62 Fairlane that just didn't like to stay down on the clay.  The paint...
Donn racing with Jim LeClaire
Donn racing with Jeff Mueller
Donn racing with Bill Seiske

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