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Powder Puff
Powder Puff at Lake Rhoda
Patsy Wimp, Buck Lock, Warren Jr and myself
Pam Bahl & Jim Bahl
Elaine Sawin win
Margaret Peconi win
Powder Puff Banquet
Powder Puff Ladies at Banquet
ElWanda Rhoades, Elaine Sawin, Donna Dyke, Greta Land at the 1974 Powder Puff banquet.
Margaret Peconi, ElWanda Rhoades, Donna Dyke, Bernie Moore, Jackie Laska at the 1974 Banquet.
Donna Dyke with the win in 1976 with my brother Warren as trophy boy.
Greta Land, Donna Dyke, ElWanda Rhoades at the 1976 Powder Puff banquet.
My mom ElWanda Rhoades, Jackie Laska, Pauline Foster at the 1975 Powder Puff banquet.
Trophy boys Warren & Bruce with  Cheryl Sheetz
Bruce & Warren Trophy boys with Esther Slife
Cheryl Sheetz
Elaine Sawin
Greta Land win with me as trophy boy.
Linda Gonzales, Pauline Foster, Patsy Wimp, 
Marti McCaslin, Elaine Sawin, Cheryl Sheetz, ElWanda Rhoades, Margret Mosher, Bernie Moore, Pam Bahl,...
Mom winning a main event in 1976 at Lakeside with trophy boy Eddie Nazerarenus
Here is our family picture from around 1974, this is my Mom's racecar known as Mom's Bomb 
standing brother Warren, Mom(ElWanda), Dad(Warren),...

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