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Ghost Tracks
Images of old race tracks and what is left of them. :(
Continental Divide Raceways diagram overlay. I believe this is how the track was situated when it existed based on the remnants of the track that are...
Continental Divide Raceways diagram
This is where Continental Divide Raceways was located. This is about 2 miles south of Castle Rock Co. It doesn't look as if there is much evidence...
Old 1/2 mile dirt track in Deer Trail Colorado?
Englewood Speedway - where it would be if it still existed today.
Ascot Park Raceway today. The red oval is an approximation of where the track was located.
Rocky Mountain National Speedway was a 3/8ths mile dirt track located in Commerce City Colorado. RMNS was originally named "Raceland" and was a large...
Rocky Mountain National Speedway & and Second Creek Raceway closed in 2005.
Englewood Speedway - no evidence left at all.  
Englewood Speedway:
Denver's Lakeside Speedway - Close up. 
Read the Lakeside bio here...
Denver's Lakeside Speedway and what is left of it. 
Read the Lakeside Speedway bio here...
Century 21 Raceway close up.
Century 21 Raceway as it sits today

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