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Ralph over 7 decades of racing
1965 Langhorne Ralph n Mel Kenyon r on fire, Mel is unconccious.
Ralph Indy
1963 Novi Special practicing at Indy
I love this one with the beach in the background, it had to be Daytona or Ormand  Beach, Ralph is in #6, I think 1954.
USAC Hoosier 100 in 1970 when Ralph passed AJ Foyt on the 3rd turn of the 99th lap for 2nd place.  When Ralph came into the pits u could see the...
Ralph in front of Bobby Unser running the Championship Trail
Ralph #25.
Ralphie in 2003 the last year he raced, from 1949-2003 that's also scary.  He was the oldest driver to ever win a USAC feature at 66, I was fortunate...
Ralph at Williams Grove in April and I froze that day, thank GOD for french fries which Ralph paid for.
Ralph NASCAR, I think 1953, might be on the beach, not sure.  In those days Ralph slept under or in his car depending if it was raining or not, lol. ...
Ralphie, no protection at all and no guard rail they all raced in short sleeve shirts, u gotta luv it.  One time Ralph flipped at Williams Grove and...
1965 Langhorne, Ralphs in the #88,  the other 2 cars are Mel Kenyon and Jim Hurtubese.  This is the accident that burned Mel Kenyon's hand.  Len...
I watched Ralph finish 2nd in a 500 lap race at Islip after spinning out twice and having to be push started one time. At the end of the race he was...
Williams Grove 1958, I think Ralph qualified on the pole.
Ralph, Demler Special.
Ralph in the Grant King car #27, and Lee Kunzsman in the 5.
Love this one
Eldorado restored, Ralph's ride at Indy 1959.
NOVI, 1962 driving the STP SPECIAL with Mr 500 in the upper left hand corner, A.G.

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