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05-02-2009, 07:25 AM
This series of photographs are from the Bruce Rhoades collection.

In February, 1983, several members from the Colorado Automobile Racing Club (CARC) loaded their cars on an auto transport and headed for Las Vegas, Nevada. Although many of the Lakeside Speedway bunch had traveled to Craig Road Speedway in the past, transporting their cars like this was a new idea. Pretty resourceful.

In the first picture, the #18 Marv Slusser car is prepared for the journey, as well as Gary Balls #27, #11 owned by Bill Johnson and driven by either Denny Clark or Reid Pagent (help me out here Bruce) and the # 35 modified of Rich Mikula. The next photo shows Gary Balls car being driven up the ramps while Bob Land keeps a careful eye on the progress. Next, Bill Johnsons #11 was loaded first, I presume from the front. Last, other members made the trip on their own including Ronnie Lee, #8 and Pat Pietrie in the #1 modified (white car). Thanks Bruce for these wonderful shots.

05-02-2009, 09:49 AM
These pictures show how my Dad transported our Modifieds to Vegas. When we left Colo.
the wheather was below zero the whole week.

Because of the height of the cars on the trailer Dad and My brother in-law Terry had to drive over Loveland pass, the borrowed truck had the fuel gel and it took them many extra hours to get there.

When we unloaded the cars at Craig Road Speedway many of the cars would not start because the fuel had also gelled in them. I had loaded my car with methenol due to the weather and my car would not run well because it was jetted wrong.

We were all scheduled to run against the Super Mods, but because we had so many of us show up they ran us as our own division. Dad took about 6 cars on the transporter and many of the other guys had trailered their own cars out.

The cars that Dad hauled also included my #16 which we had bought from Harold Evans and had been run with ERA driven by Perry Naylor. Bob Land, Pat Petrie, Don Threlkeld, Rich Bubak (driving my #15) were some of the other cars that were there.


05-08-2009, 09:49 AM
The #11 was indeed driven by Denny Clark, this car was the former Valmer St. Peter car that was driven by many great driver at Lakeside, the #35 was an old ERA car that was purchased from one of the Medina brothers and was driven by Reid Paget, the #27 Gary Ball ride was a Ronnie Lee owned car. I gave Rick some bad info this was 1982. I have a posting from the local Las Vegas paper that shows the races to be Feb 6-7, I will try to get it posted on here.

05-24-2009, 05:37 PM
I remember this trip to Las Vegas quite well! As Bruce stated. it was very cold, probably as cold as it was that whole winter, and, had snowed. Had a difficult time to even get the car loaded on the trailer. Finally pulled out about 10 that night, got to Vail Pass and had to chain up to make it over! Not an easy chore towing a race car over the pass on snowpacked road. Seems like we fishtailed most of the night. Finally ran out of snowpack somewhere in Utah only to have the highway turn to slush all the way to Cedar City. When we got to L.V. the #99 was barely recognizable. First order of business, wash the car!!! And it was cold in Las Vegas the whole weekend, too.
I don't remember how many cars we took, but they did let us run our own portion of the show, but we were welcome to qualify for the Super-mod show based on time trials. We were all outclassed and had to run the "last chance" race for a chance to transfer into the next days "big race". Pat Petrie and I were the #1 and 2 alternates to go if any of the qualified cars couldn't answer the bell. During the morning practice session, 2 cars crashed. Pat and I thought we were in, but both made repairs in time to take the "Green". Pat and I were left sitting in the staging area ready to go and were certainly very disappointed. But, it was a great experience and despite the weather, a lot of fun! And the trip home was better!!
And, the #35 car had been purchased from George Medina (an ERA car) by me and Reid Paget drove it.
I could tell a lot of stories about this experience, but will save them for another forum!