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Jerry Lee
05-26-2009, 03:31 PM
Another colorful name that stands out in Colorado racing history is Crash Mullins. Sometimes literally shredding his way around the track, Crash gave many a race fan their money's worth with his ability to put on a show.

Ironically, it was Crash who phoned ME up for this 1997 article I was writing, and as hard as it was to try and track down some of these local racing legends, I found this a welcome change.


JL: "You were in that first batch of guys to run the Figure 8's out at Englewood in 1964."

CM: "I built a '49 Ford and it never finished a race. What a turd! Can I say that?"

JL: "Sure."

CM: "I just did! (laughs) Me and my brother-in-law had a car out there the second year, then I started driving for Tom Crump in '66."

JL: "You also had some success at Late Models."

CM: "Yeah, in '67 when the Late Models started at Englewood, I raced them too. But I always planned on staying with the Figure 8's because I was having fun with them. I didn't take 'em serious, y'know, you could tear the fenders and doors off and who gave a damn?"

JL: "Who gave you that name 'Crash'?"

CM: "Rod Gilford gave it to me, but it was that ol' Englewood announcer Ed Fisher who made it stick. It came from my crash in Benkelman, NE. at the county fair in '67. I snapped an axel and flipped up in front of the grandstands in a Late Model. The car just hung there on the fence. The front end was still on the track and the *** end was up in the air! A great show for the crowd!"

JL: "In 1970 you were teamed up with Greg Higgins in the 8's."

CM: "Higgins now, (laughs) I used to torment the hell out of him! Oh man, (laughs) I cost him a feature down in Colorado Springs, not knowingly. All I was trying to do was put on a show for the crowd, and while he was leading the race, I was making it close for him at the X. Oh, he could get excited!"

JL: "Whenever we heard the name Crash Mullins announced in the line up we knew something was going to happen!"

CM: "Yeah, I've torn both sides off plenty of cars and wrecked some of 'em before they were even painted."

JL: "What did these owners think of you tearing up their cars?"

CM: "Aw, nothing, 'cause I could put my foot in it. The rest was just show business."


Olen McGuire
05-26-2009, 03:45 PM
Here's some photo's and comments from Jerry:

John Mullins

Crash Mullins doesn’t look too happy after winning this 1966 Figure 8 race at
Englewood. It doesn’t even look like he got a trophy for his efforts. Just a
chance to stand next to ‘Miss North Woods Inn’. –Jerry Lee
(John Mullins collection)

This is the infamous 1967 show-stopping Late Model crash in Nebraska
that earned Mullins the nickname. Note that the fence protecting the
spectators isn’t very high to begin with. –Jerry Lee
(John Mullins collection)

Broadway Shamrock sponsored the Mullins driven Late Model in the late ‘60’s.
What a great promo shot of the #106 gassing up before the races! I wonder what the price per gallon was then? ---Jerry Lee
(Jerry Lee McGuire collection)

Jerry Lee
02-15-2010, 11:48 AM
(Irwin Fogel collection) It’s a battle of the ’55 Chevys with John Mullins #106 and Don Wilson
#97 (in a Bart Manley owned Late Model) at Englewood Speedway in 1967.

(John Mullins collection) Before the “Mickey Mouse” Figure Eighter became popular in the ‘70’s
at Englewood Speedway, there was “The Little Mouse That Roared” in 1968 wheeled by John
‘Crash’ Mullins. Owned by Jerry Ranum, the car featured a big cartoon mouse painted on the
deck lid. Unfortunately, like most of the cars that Crash got behind the wheel of, this one only
lasted long enough for a few wins before it was destroyed.

Jerry Lee
04-26-2012, 11:26 PM
(John Mullins collection) This Tom Crump owned Figure Eighter didn't stay this straight
for long once Crash Mullins had his way with it in 1966.

(John Mullins collection) John Mullins picks up this Englewood Late Model win in 1967.

(John Mullins collection) A John Mullins car could never stay nice looking for long!

(J.L. McGuire collection) Looks like Crash Mullins #84 is headed for Lake Codner during
late '60's Figure 8 action.

(Mel Keller Photo) John Mullins' cool '62 Dodge Late Model from 1970.

(Mel Keller Photo) Most of Crash Mullins Figure Eighters didn't have time to get
a nice paint and lettering job on them.