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06-17-2009, 06:03 AM
From the Archie Johnston collection, here are two photos of Dale Flemings Mopar late model stock cars. The photo quality is poor, and I apoligize. These photos were stuck to the glass in their frames.

In the first photo, Dale poses along side of his #98 Challenger at a car show. Dales cars were fast and not to hard on the eyes either. I can remember Dale smokin the tires down the front and back stretches and slammin the brakes for the corners! This took place at Colorados Lakeside Speedway. These were some rather large cars for the 1/5th mile asphalt oval. The second photo shows Dales #88 Mopar as it sits idle in the parking lot outside Lakeside Speedway. Both of these cars were hand lettered by Archie "The Stroker" Johnston.

lakeside #29
06-17-2009, 12:33 PM
The #98 was a really beautiful car. It had a pearl white paint job that was somrthing you didn't see on many oval cars because it was so hard to match if it got banged up. But the Fleming's owned a body shop in Commerce City. I remember one night in '72 when Dale's dad Bill was driving the #98 at Lakeside. He and Odie Robertson got into a crash in the south turn. Bill wound up in the infield and like a flash Odie was at Bill's car punching like mad at Bill who was still in the car. The fight continued into the pits and the CARC officials eventually got them out the west pit gate. l don't think anybody got anything worse than a bloody nose out the deal but Odie was kicked out by the CARC. I don't remember him ever coming to Lakeside after that. Bobby Jackson took over driving Ed Martinac's car. I was in the pits that night, it was a real show stopper.

Rick you lettered Ed Martinac's car didn't you?
Didn't Don Wilson drive the #88 at Englewood?

Chris Ertler

06-18-2009, 06:43 AM
I did letter the infamous "Boss Moss", #3, green Chevell that was driven by both Odie Robertson and Bob Jackson. It was owned by three college students, one of them Ed Martinac.

I cannot remember if Don Wilson drove the #88 at Ewood, BUT, I cannot remember what I had for breakfast.

lakeside #29
06-19-2009, 02:09 PM
Hi Rick, You think you're bad, I keep wanting to put my left shoe on my right foot.
I'm answering my own question, Don Wilson drove Dean Gates #90 at Englewood. It was a Mopar like the #88. Bill Fleming drove the #88. He didn't start driving race cars until he was in his forties.

Chris Ertler