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04-20-2009, 11:25 AM
Are you searching for ColoradoRacingMemories.com? Over the past few years we have had several inquires asking us if we are the same as ColoradoRacingMemories.com so I would like to address that question and clarify. A couple of years ago the owners and operators of Colorado Racing Memories (CRM) decided to close down their website. Initially, I and some other folks attempted to help CRM re-open and keep their fantastic website going, but after several attempts it became apparent that Colorado Racing Memories was gone forever.

So after careful consideration and discussion with the authors that had supplied the information to CRM we decided to create this all new website so that we can keep our racing heritage alive! We have decided to not limit ourselves to just Colorado racing memories but include racing memories from all over the United States.

We could use your help! Spread the word, let your friends and family know that we exist, give them our web address www.AutoRacingMemories.com and let them know what we are trying to do.

And now Auto Racing Memories itself has been redesigned, with this new redesign everyone can submit information and add to existing information. This new site is intended to be a information repository where all of us racing history fans can contribute.