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Mitch G.
08-18-2009, 04:58 PM
Roger Maruor's first midget was a Kurtis copy he purchased from Wisconsin, it was Offy powered and painted orange and white #55 and ready for the 1970. Ody Fellows was the driver.
1970, left to right- Jack Kline, Chuck Mauro, Roger Mauro and Ody in the cockpit of #55. Fellows finished 1970 in 7th place final points with the RMMRA. For 1971 the car was painted white, blue and silver still #55 Ody Fellows up for the season, but was replaced early on by Don Wilson who finished out the season 10th in points.
Here's Don Wilson, at Lakeside in the #55 Mauro Offy inside of Jim Beckley in Frank Peterson's Kurtis copy with a Chevy II, 1971.
Also for 1971 Roger Mauro added another car to his stable, a Kurtis kit car, originally purchased in Denver in 1947, by Bob VanBuskirk, with a Ford V8-60 engine. This car went through many owners was updated with a Offy engine, left the state of Colorado, and came back, was updated some more and painted mostly blue with white and silver trim #53 and Fritz Wilson was the hired gun.
Fritz in the Mauro Offy, Lakeside Speedway 1971.
The VanBuskirk V8-60 with Brad Bradford at the wheel, Pikes Peak Speedway, Colorado Springs, 1947. A Kurtis "Kit" car was a nearly complete car without an engine, set up for the owners engine choice by the Kurtis factory. Kurtis would sell the car to the owner for the owner to finish.
Gene Pastor in the Jack Kline Offy, this is the VanBuskirk Kurtis with a Offy engine in 1966. This car became the Jimmy Mars "Town Talk Bread" Offy, then left the state, then came back as the Roger Mauro #53
1971 the Mauro cars side by side at Lakeside Speedway, Don Wilson up high in the #55 (car from Wisconsin), Fritz Wilson in the former VanBuskirk, Kline, Mars, Kurtis Offy #53. Fritz only ran 6 programs in 1971 but finished 5th in final points, and won his one and only midget feature! I can't find any info on where these beautiful midgets ended up, I remember them well, they were always great looking. Even though they were not state of the art at the time Roger was running them, they always ran up front. A great piece of Denver midget racing history.