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Conversation Between webby and bobbyc1
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  1. bobbyc1
    12-19-2016 03:50 PM
    How about the help I have asked for. If you don't have the questions I can re-send them, if you will reply if not let me know and I will not try to do what i would like. Thanks, Bob.
  2. bobbyc1
    12-12-2016 08:09 AM
    Hi Webby, I wanted to start a group and I did, It was on the topic of Northeastern drivers quest to obtain top quality rides at Indy during the 50s and 60s I also wrote a description and submitted it. I see no trace of it any place on this site, if u need to modify my status please do so. I was under the understanding once I did that I could post to existing forums and anything on the site that members are allowed to comment. I keep getting i am not a member of a group when I try to comment . If this site is primary ment to comment or set up groups for local areas like Colorado I will back off. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT I NEED TO DO TO PARTICIPATE IN GROUPS AFTER i ESTALISED ONE THAT I CANT FINE OR JUST FORGET ABOUT IT, Thanks Bob.
  3. bobbyc1
    12-09-2016 04:28 PM
    Hi I would like to join a group, maybe racing legends. I posted some picks of Ralph Liguori in the albums section today and would like to move them to that forum. I am currently prohibited and just getting use to the site could u pls help me. Thanks in advance Bob.

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