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webby 04-20-2009 11:13 AM

Auto Racing Memories - Dedication
A dedication to racing memories....

When I was a kid... my dad, my brother and myself would pull up to Colorado's famous Lakeside Speedway in our 1967 Plymouth Fury, we would park the car and proceed to trudge through the gravel parking lot with our army green racing blanket under our arms (that we would eventually spread out in our favorite seats inside the Speedway). You could hear the midgets warming up as we walked towards the entrance of the race track and you could smell the Castor oil being burned in those offy powered Kurtis beauties! The anticipation of getting into our seats was almost unbearable!

We always sat in the same spot at Lakeside. Our favorite place was in the backstraight grandstands in the covered section towards the very top, at the turn-two end of the stands. My brother and I often sketched midgets on the wall behind us (I wonder if those sketches still remain?).

When the lights went out and the green flag dropped is was like a spiritual experience that I will never forget. The noise... the cheers.. the daring moves by the heroic drivers - amazing!

Taking trips to the concession stand was also a memorable experience as we would run across the bottom row of seats jumping the gap of each isle on our way to get hot dogs and sodas, what daredevils!

Yet the pinnacle of the night was when the pit crew members would push out each shiny midget on its way to being lined up for the feature event. Wow! I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

At Lakeside there was never more than 2 or 3 divisions running on race nights so when the races were over you always left wanting more, not feeling like you received a season full of racing in one night which is often the case these days. After the feature was complete there was usually time to head down to the pits to get some autographs and possibly get to sit in your favorite race car.

On the way home I would fall fast asleep, dreaming of winning the feature by making a daring last lap pass and kissing the trophy girl. The next week... we would do it all over again.

These are the memories..... these very special memories (and I am sure you have your own similar memories) that drives

Gene Main #30 05-15-2009 11:10 PM

Re: Auto Racing Memories - Dedication
thanks to the webmaster for haveing this web site Was realy strange to come upon it ,as i used to race at Englewood in the f-8 , and to read about Lee Stogdell i used to run bumper to bumper with him and others , i drove ,my brouther in law Frank Carroll was the mechanic, we had a female driver in powder puff Karen Cattral one hellof driver car was white car #30 , if you want to hear them i have some good racing tales. I moved from Colo to ILL and drove there and Iowa Thanks again for the web site it was good to see drivers i drove against. I have some photos id like to share with you all later .

Jerry Lee 05-20-2009 11:33 AM

Re: Auto Racing Memories - Dedication
We like racing tales and old pics here! Can't wait for you to share!

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