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Lee Hulse 09-20-2014 04:59 PM

IRP dirt track 1961
I had the good fortune to see what may have been the only dirt race at Indianapolis raceway park. It was 05/28/1961 2 day before the 500. My dad was fortunate to have Alex Morales tow the "tamale Wagon" from So Cal for this race. I remember JIm hurtibise not wanting to race because he couldn't gfind his St. Christopher medal. Bob Cleburg drove the Barnett Bros. car and finsihed third. My dada ran 2nd and Foyt ran away with the show.
The other thing I remember was that after the start of the feature, the crowd couldn't see a thing due to the dust. I was in the middle section (start/finish) and couldn'e see either turn
Hutibise must have found his medal, 2 days later he started outside row 1 and INDY and led the first 30 laps or so.

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