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mtate 01-19-2017 12:56 PM

new to site
good morning my name is Mike I have been around the RMMRA and fan since late 1957. Grew up around Eddie Jackson my father was on his pit crew there is a picture floating around of Eddie Jackson seated in the # 5 at lakeside speedway at night with my father standing on the other side of the car. Someone was asking if anyone had information about that picture I do but have not been to find that picture again if anyone has this picture please repost I believe it was a Leroy Byers photo. By Golly probably not spelled rite but that is what he used to say Have a Great day everyone Mike

RJ Butz 02-02-2017 02:07 AM

Re: new to site
Hello, Mike. Thanks for the memories too. Could this be the pic you were remembering? Took this from the Kurtis Midget Genealogy book pg 21. I recognized your dad as soon as I got this book since seeing my uncle's Leroy "By Golly" Byers photos. My uncle's still around and was very specific about your dad's name (I know what J. is). Hope someone has the actual photo too. Would love to see it!

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