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webby 04-18-2009 11:36 AM

The Golden Chariot and Ed Mailo
- Written by Superstroke

Lakeside Speedway was home to many beautiful modified stock cars. One of my personal favorites was this gorgeous 'Vicky'. The 'Golden Chariot', as it was known, was shoed by veteran driver Ed Mailo. The car was built and owned by Ernie Reese and Pat VanDyke. If my memory is correct, Ernie was some sort of engineer. Pat owned and operated A-1 Truck and Auto. Both men were talented mechanics and it showed everytime this beauty entered the track.

The tragedy of this car came in the same year of its existence. Early in that year, and I believe it was in hotlaps, the radiator of the #40 car of Doug Plue ended up sitting right behind Ed Mailo's seat. The car was a total loss.

In this photo, (below) taken in the pits at Lakeside, probably for the next weeks program, shows the car and crew shortly after arriving at the track for this Sunday nights event. Left to right are: Unknown, Ed Mailo (who is sporting his CARC Officials shirt), Pat VanDyke, Ernie Reese and Unknown. One of the Unknowns may be Ed Mailos son, but not sure. Also in this photo, you can pick out the #88 of Dick and Dan Day, the "Torch"#53, and Joe James Jr's #54 (Where are You?) Sorry...I was compelled.

Standing up to the far right on a tire or something is a very young Harry Stone.
Those were the days my friends.......I wished they'ed never end.......

Other features on this car included candy apple red fogged stripes which gleamed against the gold paint job. The hubs were also painted candy red.

Those unique old English style numbers were hand lettered by John Hedburg. His sign company, located in the 4900 block of Lowell was known as Hed Sign Co. Mr. Hedburg was responsible for many beautiful lettering jobs including some of my favorites, Sam Sauers-Boots Texaco #28, Sam Sauers-Ralph Youngs #60, Wayne Stallsworths-Scotties Drive-In #1. I studied his work and tried to copy it through my career. Mr. Hedburg had three Studebaker pickups, all painted in two tone red and black, and lettered on the door was his famous Hed Sign Co. logo. You can see this logo in this picture, just above and to the right of LaBates Standard, which was on the N-E corner of 49th and Federal.

This next picture was taken at the Sabre's Auto Show. The show was held at the Denver Coliseum (stock show) before it eventually made it to Currigan. I can remember you could still smell the cow manure when you made the rounds at this show. It looks like the car had taken a few trophies already, and maybe the forward trophy had just been won at this show. Check out the pinstripes on the rear bumper and kickoffs. Another "cool" feature on this car was they had taken a full sheet of plexiglass, rounded the corners and cut it to fit over the escape hatch on top of the body. If you look real hard you can see the rivets holding it in place above the steering wheel. This proved to be somewhat dangerous when Ed Mailo needed to escape the formentioned crash.

Nostalgic Mike 04-20-2009 11:31 PM

Re: The Golden Chariot and Ed Mailo
Does any body know if this car still exists to this day???.. maybe hidden away in some barn or shed somewhere??.. Like a lot of the old racing relics have been found over the decades!!.. What a piece of great nostalgia this is!!!.. awesome pics!!

racer99 04-21-2009 06:20 AM

Re: The Golden Chariot and Ed Mailo
Mike Barney bought the successor to the "Chariot" along with the '34 Victoria body, from Pat Van Dyke, in the late 60's. I think Mike still has all that stuff.

Nostalgic Mike 04-21-2009 11:57 AM

Re: The Golden Chariot and Ed Mailo

Originally Posted by racer99 (Post 68)
Mike Barney bought the successor to the "Chariot" along with the '34 Victoria body, from Pat Van Dyke, in the late 60's. I think Mike still has all that stuff.

Is there a way to contact Mike???.. I would like to see if it's possible to get some pics of the cars now!!!... Sure would be great to see them again, regardless of current condition

superstroke 05-03-2009 01:49 PM

Re: The Golden Chariot and Ed Mailo
1 Attachment(s)
This is a copy of a photograph from the Pat VanDyke collection.

Here is a photo showing the end result of the crash I talked about in the original story. Doug Plue in the #40 car did a number on the "Chariot". Pat VanDyke can be seen just left of center (no glasses) looking at what is left of his race car. Check out the rivets that held the plexiglas top in place that covered the escape hatch. The crash crew did away with that pretty quickly I assume.

I talked with Mike Barney and he still has this vicky body.

Look at the P&E Special 4 located just in front of the number nine. This stood for Pat and Ernie. Pat Van Dyke and Ernie Reese were the owners of this car.

lakeside #29 05-03-2009 02:14 PM

Re: The Golden Chariot and Ed Mailo
The "Golden Chariot" was a beutiful car for sure. Pat VanDyke won the CARC "Best Looking" car award in 1966. If I remember what Ed Mailo told me I think it was either in hot laps or on one of the hot lap days that the car was wrecked. I think sombody lost an engine or a radiator in front of them and it was a chain reaction deal. After the wreck Pat and company put his old white over brown deuce 5-window that Bob Fulk used to drive as #50 back in action temporarily. When the car returned the Vic body was gone in favor of a gold Model A coupe. Wasn't as unique but still a great looking car.

Now for something most people don't know about Pat VanDyke. At the time he was at Lakeside he was getting hassled by a neighbor about working on his cars. This was not just calling the police about noise or working too late, it was also to zoning about getting them to stop altogether. Denver zoning agreed with Pat but a lawsuit was filed in District Court. Pat and Denver zoning won but the plaintiff appealed all the way to the State of Colorado Supreme Court. Again Pat and Denver Zoning won. The decision is still valid.
The name is Shumate v Zimmerman. Case #23426 August 26, 1968. Cite as444 P2 D 872. I'm not a lawyer but it basically says you can work on your cars in your garage for your hobby. I used this once myself on a neighbor who was hassling me.

Chris Ertler

superstroke 05-04-2009 07:41 AM

Re: The Golden Chariot and Ed Mailo
The #50 car was named "The Nifty Fifty". Pat VanDyke had a automotive repair shop called A-1 Truck and Auto. It is still in operation. Pat VanDyke passed on last year, and his son, Mike continues to run the day to day work load. In the 60's, I had a Denver Post paper route. Our paper station was on west 44th Ave., just west of Tejon. When Pat opened his shop on 44th just east of Zuni St., I could not resist stopping by the shop when I saw that they had a Lakeside modified. Pat put me to work tearing down old motor blocks and heads and letting feel like I was part of the deal. I think he paid me 75cents a block or head. There was another body (#50) in back of the shop, and I talked Pat into letting me have it. Mike Barney and I devised a plan to get it to my Mom's house at 48th and Clay St. We teetered the front of the body on the seat of one bicycle and rear on another. We made it home but we stopped a lot of traffic in the process. I thought I could build a racer. Dream on. The body was scrapped within a month.

lakeside #29 05-13-2009 09:29 AM

Re: The Golden Chariot and Ed Mailo
Superstroke, I found you the names of all the guys in the pit crew shot of the "Golden Chariot". They are left to right, Ernie Ress Pat"s co-owner of the car, Ed Mailo driver, Pat VanDyke co-owner, Rich Holly, and Ed Mailo Jr, who was 19 at the time.

This photo was in the weekly program for June 5, 1966.

Chris Ertler

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