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jAKE5J 10-11-2016 07:45 AM

Re: progression of sprint cars

Originally Posted by black vette 59 (Post 12707)
...don't know about Jake,but I sure learnt a lot......

Oh yea I did as well. I actually used what I learned to help with simple car setup this year it was very interesting to learn how it started!

Mitch G. 10-11-2016 10:53 AM

Re: progression of sprint cars
Jake, put up some more pictures of you and your race car, we would like to see what you've been up to this past season!!

jAKE5J 10-13-2016 06:47 AM

Re: progression of sprint cars
Yeah here are some pictures of how the year went. I ended up getting four wins and only put it on the hook once lol! But it has been a great year and couldn't be happier with how it went for the first year in a full size, We just finished up the season in Brownstown Indiana at funfest and had a blast didn't finish the race I kind of hit a infield tire and knocked the torsion arm off of the axle but we learned a lot so it was worth it. So with the end of the year at close we now start the rebuild and start promoting for some more sponsors lol!

Mitch G. 10-13-2016 09:46 AM

Re: progression of sprint cars
Thanks Jake, and great job!! you have to be having a blast. Keep us posted on your racing adventures and....when you going to try a non-wing race? again, great photos we appreciate you sharing with us.

jAKE5J 10-17-2016 05:57 AM

Re: progression of sprint cars
Thank you! Im not real sure exactly I raced some non wing races in my old mini sprint and loved it but my dad doesn't think we are ready yet to take the wing off on the big car but im hoping to go play wingless some at the end of next year over in Indiana.

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