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Funold51 02-08-2013 10:28 PM

OLD guy....NEW member
New member that is a 36 year Colorado Springs resident. Grew up in western Illinois so my home track was Quad City Raceway in East Moline, IL. Saw racing there a lot due to a Dad that instilled the love for " all things loud & fast" in me. I also regularly saw racing at the Sterling Speed Bowl, Davenport 1/2 mile at the Fairgrounds, and Hawkeye Downs near Cedar Rapids. My eventual move to Colorado did not make me miss Fairlane sized mosquitos, but did make me miss lots of access to dirt roundy round. Experienced the dirt at CNS before it got paved. Saw every event at PPIR when it was highly active. Have guested in on this site but felt it was time to register. Thrilled to see what has been done here and is being shared for all to enjoy!

webby 02-09-2013 10:17 AM

Re: OLD guy....NEW member
Welcome to Auto Racing Memories! I have certified your membership so now you have full privileges and you can post pictures if you want to. For tips on how to post images check out these instructional videos.

Looking forward to hearing more of your auto racing memories!

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