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superstroke 12-23-2011 08:24 AM

Lee Jones King Kobra Mustang
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Lee Jones raced this gorgeous Mustang in the early 70's at Colorados Bandimere Speedway, located in Morrison. In this photo, the car sits idle at a car show being held at the famous Scotchman Motor Restaurant. I lettered this car and it was the first car that I really had the chance to use my artists license, combining gold leaf with airbrush techniques. On a side note, I also worked at the Scotchman a year before this photo was shot. If you used to "cruise" the Scotchman in '68' '69' or '70', chances are I made your favorite beverage ie: Hollywood Coke, Hot Kookie, Red or Green River, Sloppy Malt or Highlander Fling. I was promoted to a cook, but it was short lived. Carl Cerveny, Scotchmans owner, had just remodeled the restaurant and it now featured an industrial microwave oven, the very first I had ever seen. WELL...I was told NOT to put anything metal in one ear and out the other!! Anyway, I was demoted to soda jerk.

Lee Jones and Butch Hannah were good friends and if you check out some of Butches photos, Lee is the guy that always seems to be wearing a "Dickie", (No I am not being nasty). A "Dickie" was this usually knit garment that men and women would pull over there head and wear around their neck. It was made to look like you were wearing a full sweater under your shirt, but without the torso part. Both Lee and Butch hung out at the V&C Garage. Velmar St.Peter had influence on both of these guys cars and it showed. If you look just in front of the rear wheel, you will see "Crew Chief PETE". Joffer Auto Body was the sponsor on this machine and was located out on Morrison Road back then. They would take wrecked cars and make high end cars out of them that they sold at their on site car lot.

I think I got this photo from Butch Hannah, so I will give him the credit.

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