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Jerry Lee 05-25-2010 11:55 AM

More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”
While Spring cleaning the storage bins of an auto racing ‘pack rat’, here’s just a few of the dozens of photos I found and forgot I had.

From the C.A.R.C. archives comes these “crew shots” I copied featuring people I know little or nothing about. You Lakeside guys can fill in the blanks and school us all on these great snapshots of racing past.
(CARC Archives) What kid wouldn’t want that Quarter Midget coupe?
(CARC Archives) Bob Robertson, 1963. Which one is Bob? Same B.R. that ran Figure 8’s at Englewood?
(CARC Archives) I think that's Bob McDowell on the far right.
(CARC Archives)
(CARC Archives/Duncan Photographers)
(CARC Archives) I wonder what street this was on?
(CARC Archives)
(CARC Archives)
(CARC Archives) Cool pic of the Modifieds all packed into the Lakeside pits.
(CARC Archives)
(CARC Archives) Lloyd and Larry McLaughlin. ARM’s own COUPE RACER!
(CARC Archives) Someone once told me that the guy on the left was RMMRA Midget historian
Gary Martelon as a pitman. My question is…..did their driver really climb in and out of that
little hole on top of the car?

Mitch G. 05-25-2010 01:09 PM

Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”
Jerry Lee, awesome photo's !! I don't know any of those guys, I'm not even close to a coupe expert, but what great pictures. That does look like a young Gary Martelon. Great post.

TPF 05-25-2010 02:53 PM

Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”
Great ol pics Jerry. The guy with the vicky body #23 is Jack Burch. He raced at Lakeside and Englewood. He was also the last driver get killed at Englewood speedway in 1978.

Thomas E 05-25-2010 06:44 PM

Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”
Good for the memory . . . Let's see . . .

I think, I believe, could it be ? ? ?

#30 is a Mike Wahl car

#14 and #35 are Bob McDowell cars.
#14 was driven Ronnie ? ? ? ?
#35 was driven by Corky Blair

#81 Larry Baldwin owner driver

#34 Driver was Joe Wyatt

rebels471 05-25-2010 10:29 PM

Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”
The last picture of the #28 car is Ron Dike. He is the one standing behind the guy almost sitting down. He worked on my mom's race car as well as his wife's car (Donna Dike). I can't remember who the other guys are but will ask my mom to see if she remembers them. I know they work on her crew as well as the Caulkins twins did.

superstroke 05-26-2010 07:46 AM

Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”
The #57 Taco Bell car was owned and driven by Joe Ellis. His wife (whos name I cannot recall, maybe Nancy) did very well in the powder puff class. The #13 Sturgeon Electric car was driven by Greg Wilson. I lettered the #13 and the #28 cars. I think the #69 car is Don Judish, only cus he carried that number with him for years. In the photo of the #30 modified, Bob Robertson stands furthest to the right. Bob is Odie Robertsons older brother. The #63 picture was shot in the driveway at the V&C Garage on west 34th Ave???? Of course the #63 was driven by Bill Starks and owned and built by Velmer St Peter. I see Shorty Weitzel in this photo too.

Quick Time 05-26-2010 11:21 AM

Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”
Jerry Lee,

Nice photos of some cars we don't often see here. Possibly "B" class, well except Starks. Several are still flathead, the big change was around 60/61 and many are the infamous in-line six.


lakeside #29 05-26-2010 01:18 PM

Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”
#57 -
Joe Ellis - Joe's wife's name was AnneMarie. His kid was very lucky to have a mini duplicate of his dad's stock car. This car was previously owned by Larry Balderston.

#30 -
Mike Wall, Bob Bobinson, Ed Wall
In this photo from 1963 The gentleman on the left is unidentified. Mike Wall owner is second from the left (with receding hairline), Bob Robinson (who is Bill, Jack, and Scott Backman's uncle), and Ed Wall

#14 & #35
From the left is Jean McDowell owner of #35, next is Theola "Sug" Cummings, Ron Tomsic driver of #14, and Bob McDowell, owner of #14. This photo ran in the Lakeside program September 8, 1963. Jean had a variety of drivers in #35 before it was totaled out. "Sug" is Bob and Jean's daughter and the mother of Dean Cummings.. By the way, I have the gas tank out of #35 and a mag wheel and slick from the #14 car.

This photo of Don Judish ran in the Lakeside program June 21, 1963. Don was a long time CARC member and was safety man in 1972
Photo was from 1963. Rex Snell owned the car and shared driving with Jerry Carlill. Rex also drove Bob Stone's #20.

In this photo that ran in the Lakeside program July 4, 1964 are pictured, standing L to R Vern Niles, Shorty Weitzel, Phil Campbell. Kneeling L to R Ken Heberling, Bill Starks, Tex Curtis, and Kennie "Cannonball" Ritchie

Jack Burch. Long before he lost his life at Englewood Speedway he had the misfortune of losing part of a foot due to a clutch explosion. This led CARC to require scatter shields.

This photo of Don Barnum ran in the Lakeside program July 28, 1964. In the article Don Barnum was listed as owner and driver. Baldwin Auction was listed as his sponcer.

Joe Wyatt's photo ran in the Lakeside program August 16,1964.

Greg Wilson worked at Sturgeon Electric in the fleet maintenance shop where he worked with Terry Boyle and Miss Peggys brother Bill Thompson. Peggy's dad Dee Thompson was an electrician for Sturgeon. This photo is from 1974 when we raced against each other.

#52 and #56
This photo was misidentified some time in the '70's or '80's. This photo is actually of #56 Dave Snell and #52 Rex Snell. This photo ran in the Lakeside program July 16, 1961.
Larry McLaughlin didn't have a brother named Lloyd. His dad was Lyle and His brother was Leon or Fuzz as he was known in his racing days. Larry, Fuzzy, and Lyle all raced at Lakeside. Larry's son Greg followed his dad and grandad and races modifies himself

This photo is of Ron Dike and his pit crew. I believe is from '75 or '76

Thomas E 05-26-2010 01:33 PM

Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”

This sure a fun website, even when my thinker is a stinker.


:second: :second:

:third: :third: :third:

:green: :yellow: :red: :black: :white: :checker:

Jerry Lee 05-26-2010 01:46 PM

Re: More Lakeside Coupes – “Who Are These Guys?”
Well, there you go! This most certainly is a fun web site! Looks like I didn't have my facts straight on much here, but that was the purpose of wanting to be schooled on these neat pics. Thanks to everyone who joined in. I may post more down the line for another round................

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