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Default Sprint Cars at Vacaville (HELP)

I know this is a long shot, but I have to try. I am looking for anything (Articles photo's etc) regarding The CRA sprint car show at Vaca Valley Speedway (Vacaville) from 1959. My dad won the race and I know next to nothing about it. I know it was a "MONZA" style race (3 segments 50 laps each) on the 1.25 mile oval built out of the SCCA road course. I know he drove the Morales Brothers "Tamale Wagon". I know there was a lot of good drivers there.
My dad only remembers it being HOT and that he won. It was memorial day weekend I believe. he said it was so hot Alex and Gil Morales had to drill holes onto the plexiglass windscreen in front because his hands were blistering through his gloves.
I have ONE picture of that race (after race shot with Alex Morales) and can't seem to find any anywhere. I have "googled" it backwards and forwards, images, newspapers etc.
I have found plenty of information about the 2nd and last sprint car race there in 1960, but it's as if the 59 race didn't happen. My dad is usually good especially about races he won but not this one
Thanks Lee Hulse
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