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Originally Posted by lakeside #29 View Post
The Englewood Saturday night Late Model/Figure 8 show in the '70's had to one the best, if not the best weekly shows in the country. The stands would be packed, the pits would be full, and the action seemed endless. They had a huge consession stand behind the main grandstand that was always crowded. There was a weekly souvenir program that was edited by Rich Codner's wife Candy, She ran a gossip column that really pushed the limits. It was a status synbol to be included, but it could be very embarasing. I used to wonder how many lawsuits were filed.
I remember one night when announcer Jerry VanDyke told the crowd that they had just finished timing 60 figure 8 cars and 38 late models. Car counts like that were generally about that high on a weekly basis.
The pits parties after the races would go on and on, Rich Codner would turn off he lights, but nobody would leave. It was unreal.
Another treat at Englewood, at least in the pits, were "Sam's Burritos'. Sam Soria was the gateman on the east pit gate onto Clay Street, he was also a heck of a cook. He would make burritos and bring cooler loads of them and sell them outside the pit gate. They were $.50 each. What a deal, they were great.
I had a lot of fun at Englewood, I really miss it.

Chris Ertler
Oh yeah! Those were the best burrito's ever. I've tried to duplicate them many times without success. I especially loved the green chili ones with pork. If I could only find the recipe. Anyone know if Sam is still around, or his family would be willing to share?

Michael Roe
My father (Art Roe) raced at Englewood for many years.
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