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Default Re: Larry DeChants #100 Modified

Originally Posted by lakeside #29 View Post
Thank you Rick, At the time I bought this car it had been sitting outside Clarence Krieger's "Racer's Roost" shop in Greeley, Co. for quite awhile.
Chris Ertler
Hey Chris! Clarence Krieger is quite the character. Greg Cederburg & I drank a lot of beer with Clarence at his "Racer's Roost" in Greeley and down at the NASCAR races in Phoenix at PIR. Clarence built some great race cars over the years. In the early 70's, Greg bought a '64 Chevy II late model from Clarence and raced it at Intermoutain Speedway in Cheyenne and at Century 21 in Denver. There's a photo of Clarence with his helmet on backwards and his false teeth hangin out of his mouth. I'll have to track that down and post it. ~VB
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