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Default Re: Roy Jackson #45 Lakeside pile-up with #20 driven by ?

The #20 car was Mike Dreith's car. Roy Jackson drove the 45 car at Lakeside in '68, '69, and '70 against this car. In '68, the car was a dark maroon or burgundy car and was driven by Gene Corley from Fort Collins. In '69 and '70, the car was black. This photo seems to indicate black rather than the burgundy color. #20 was driven in '69 by Don Johnson and in '70, became the last car driven at Lakeside by Larry Balderston. I don't see any other clues to indicated which of those two it might be.
Gene Corley told me how they would spend Sunday afternoon and evening getting the car dialed in and handling pretty well. Mike Dreith would mess with the car during the week and at hot laps the next week would be undriveable! Mike was a body man and, accoring to Gene, probably should have left the mechanical work to others.
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