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Default Mini Stock Racing - 1970's & Beyond

Another fun type of auto racing to witness during the '70's was Mini Stock racing. I'm unsure when or where running these economy sized cars started, but here in Colorado this division seemed to make it's first appearance at both Englewood and Lakeside Speedways in the early '70's.

Running 4-cylinder Fiats, Volvos, VWs, Datsuns, Toyotas, Cortinas and other small cars became a popular sport, and I imagine a lot of fun to race. I'm only guessing that with the '70's energy crisis, some thought that this would be the new wave of affordable racing.

The sport seemed to last at some area tracks through the '80's and '90's as well. I remember watching a full field of almost all Ford Pintos run at Beacon Hill Speedway in Pueblo CO. in the early '90's.

Any history, memories, pics or input you could add to this thread about this type of racing (from any region) would be great. Meanwhile, here's a look back at some Denver area Mini Stock racing from the early 1970's.....

(J.L. McGuire collection) Mini Stocks line up for the start of a great night of racing at
Englewood Speedway in 1974.

(J.L. McGuire collection) Ed Gates wheels his Dodge Colt around the Lakeside oval
during the early '70's.

(J.L. McGuire collection) Bob Folken #4 leads the way at Lakeside in 1974 in his Datsun
Mini Stock.

(J.L. McGuire collection) Bill Heitkamps's lil' Fiat from 1974.

(J.L. McGuire collection) Jerry Jolly #7 leads Chris Dice #5 around the Lakeside oval during
1974 action. Anyone know what size tires these guys were running??
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