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Default Remembering the dirt short tracks in the Milwaukee area

I got all excited after finding this site on the net yesterday. I stayed up late last night to scan all of the pictures and documents from my scrapbook.

It's great to see the old photos and names from the early '70s. I'm looking forward to seeing more people get involved.

I now reside in Bakersfield, California. I used to live five minutes from the now defunct Mesa Marin Speedway. It was a half mile banked oval. It was lost to developers a few years ago. Then the promoters took their money to a new piece of land, way out of town just off the I-5 interstate. The track is built, the seating is in, and the light towers are standing. Then the credit crunch hit and they lost everything. Now this beautiful facility is standing dark and dusty. It's never been raced on.

We also have the Bakersfield Speedway which is a third mile clay oval. They have some pretty good racing there. Even hosted the Thursday Night Sprint Cars on ESPN a number of years ago.
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