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Default Re: 60s CAE sprint car i just picked up

CAE has been gone for years. It was purchased by Curt Waters, who gave Jim a down payment and never a dime more. Jim was bitter the rest of his life and passed away several years ago. John Cramer, his shop foreman died a few years ago. Curt Waters also bought Halibrand and called the resulting company ARC/Halibrand. He mae several enemies in the process, went belly up leaving many unpaid bills. ARC/Halibrand was bought by Jackman Steel in El Cajon, California and has since been sold many times until the company no longer resembles anything of the heydays of the old CAE and Halibrand. A very good friend of mine crewed the CAE house car with John Cramer and had a front row sear to observe the destruction of a once great sprint car business. Sad situation all around.
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