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Originally Posted by thpracing View Post
i shot pool with him a time or 2 at the stardust---couldn't beat him-he was a hell of a good shooter---kt
Kevin, I used to watch Buddy slay people on the pool table down at the Stardust as well when my old band Sticky Fingers used to frequent the place. Do you remember that band?

I first met Buddy in the late '70's when I was working the parking lot at Englewood Speedway. There was this guy spinning donuts in the lot in a dark green (I think) Mustang and he was whipping up this big dirt tornado. I went over to see who it was, and it was Buddy! We became friends after that and later he came out to see my band play on numerous occasions.

I remember a story Buddy once told me at the Stardust about a sponsor he once had that somehow didn't come up with the money he was promised. He went ahead and had the guy's name painted on the car.......but had it lettered on the drive shaft instead!! Buddy had a GREAT sense of humor and I loved watching him run at Lakeside.

Congrats Buddy for making the CARC Hall of Fame, so richly deserved! R.I.P.
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