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Default Re: progression of sprint cars

The progression of the sprint car is sort of unique in American auto racing. Midget racing came about, sort of, with big car fans building miniature versions of their favorite champ car, and racing them as exhibitions, before big car races. The term "sprint car" is also up to debate as to when it started being used on a regular basis. Champ car, what became known as Indy cars, usually raced 50 or 100 lap races on 1 mile dirt tracks, horse racing tracks, or 1-1/2 to 2 mile board tracks, and then the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. As promoters tried to lure the champ cars to run 1/2 mile fairgrounds tracks, and shorter duration "sprint" races, the term sprint car sort of sprung from that era. In the late 1930's, early 1940's and even into the 1950's "Big car racing" referred to "sprint cars". If you read through old racing magazines, the reference to Champ cars, Big cars, and Midgets, is prevalent. Every now and then, you may run into a old time fan who to this day will refer to sprint cars, as "big cars". Neat stuff.
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