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Mainly because its a 2 mile oval with 23 degree banks. Greg Biffle Tested there with the Rousch-Fenway Winston Cup team in 2005 and ran 218mph on the back straightaway, and 197-202mph in the corners, causing a high amount of g forces, and almost blacking out in the corners. Jeff Andretti ran 234mph in an Indy car in 1995 also on the back straight. It also makes it tough because the track only seats 25000 people ("not enough" by todays nascar standards) It would need the grandstands redone, the dirt in the banks re-compacted, catch fencing put all the way around (only have it on the front stretch), and lights, before it would be looked at by any series.

Truthfully, I see that track as a huge money maker, if I were to hit the mega millions tomorrow, id love to buy it. Make the renovations to the speedway, bring in the Nascar Truck series, possibly the Nationwide series, Arca, hold a vintage racing event twice a year. Keep the road course(s) in use for the local car clubs and series that use it during the week. Outside the back straight of the speedway in the big 1 mile road course loop, id build a 4/10 mile clay oval, and pave from the entrance of pit road to the start/finish line with concrete, and do like Ontario motor speedway did back in the 70's and hold drag racing events there.

But I guess Greed gets the best of everyone, and housing is the way to go.. :\
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