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Originally Posted by Mitch G. View Post
Great ideas Andrew, you should get into the racetrack biz!! Here's a shot from the Indy car race in 1973...Johnny Rutherford outside of Mario Andretti on the front row, Gary Bettenhausen won. Look at the stands, not a sell out, maybe even back then the track owners were not good at promoting, or charged too much to get in?

All I need is some funding, if you build it, they will come. haha id love to have my own multipurpose motorsports facility like that one day.

And obviously 1973 was before my time, but with the major cities not being as populated as they are now, TWS may have been a bit of a hike from Houston, or Dallas, and the popularity of say, Nascar vs. Indy cars in the southern states may have had something to do with it.

Great pics from the vintage event, if you have more, id love to see them. Looks like I may never get to see an event here.
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