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Some more ghost tracks, drove 375 miles today and hit 3 of the 4 tracks I was shooting for.

1. Golden Triangle Dragstrip: Located South of Beaumont, Texas. Opened in the late 1950s and closed in the early 1970s, full 1/4 mile dragstrip, built in a cane field that was never leveled, former racer there stated "It was a rough track with traction issues". Here's how it sits today.

2. Silsbee Speedway: Located just southeast of Silsbee, Texas. 1/4 mile dirt speedway, Also operated under the name Eagle Speedway, Unsure of when it opened, closed its doors in 2004. Found the location today with bulldozers onsite, clearing away any remnants of the speedway. Didn't stop to take pictures, only thing left was the 2 light poles which sat in the infield.

3. Lufkin Dragway: Located southeast of Lufkin, Texas. 1/4 mile dragstrip that operated from the mid 1960's until about 1970. Until I arrived there, I only knew of a possible name of the track, and a roundabout location with the possibility of it being a private airport. After arriving, I drove into the driveway, up to the hangar and asked if I was in the right place, the old man sitting at the table a man named Greg, perked up and as I was expecting to get thrown out, he smiles and says "Yes sir, you've found it", and proceded to tell me that he used to mow the grass when it was a dragstrip when he was 12-14 years old. He went on to be a dirt track racer and work for A.J. Foyt at one time. Becoming quite impressed with my knowledge of the many old racetracks in the region. His friend Jerry was 16 when he 1st raced there in a 66 fairlane he owned, now a pilot, he uses the track for his single engine light aircraft. We sat around the table for about 3 1/2 hours talking about all kinds of different races past and present. then took a look at the strip, these are the few photos I managed.

4. Speedarama: A racing facility East of Lufkin, Texas. Contains a 1/4 mile high banked red clay oval, an 1/8 mile red clay kart track, and a paved kids kart track. Not sure when it opened, I know it closed early in 2014, allegedly for noise violations. But theres many rumors going around. Either way, its amazing how quickly this track deteriorated.

Will have a video coming soon!
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