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Will do.

3 More tracks today. Longhorn Speedway in Austin, Tx, Alamo Dragway and San Antonio Speedway.

My trip at SAS didn't go so great though, after all my research trying to find a point of contact to the track, all I came up with was a phone number that didn't work, and a page showing it was owned by a real estate agency. Seems all good and easy right? No. I get there, and do as I always do, I drive around the property to look for a house that a tenant may live in, or Posted NO TRESPASSING signs. There's no house, no signs, except for the For Sale sign from the same agency the website said it was owned by, The gate was wide open, I stopped on the side of the road, walked in and proceeded to shoot my photos, got the back straight, turns 3 and 4 with the monster banks, and pics of the grandstand, front straight, and pit road, got on the flagstand for a wide angle shot, and hear someone yelling from under the stands, (which had a lock on the gate, so I didn't go in.) and two men come out, one screaming and yelling profanities pulls a shotgun out and demands my cameras, obviously im not gonna argue in that situation. He claims he is the owner and then tells me to get out before he takes me out. I get back to the other side of the speedway and they are standing there next to his truck, one hands me my cameras back and says not to come back, saying he understands I probably had no ill intent, but he couldn't take that chance. Explaining about the vandals that have caused trouble, and that they all claim to be motorsports photographers. Saying "this is a hayfield now, aint worth nothin' as a racetrack" he told me he didn't wanna see pics or videos on facebook, Well, im not going to post them as of yet. But I managed to get some decent shots.

Was quite an interesting day, 535miles and just about got shot due to some faulty information.
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