Thread: In Remembrance... The Ghosts of old race tracks
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Mitch, sitting in the stands, or standing on the front stretch coming off of turn 4, I can see/hear the cars coming to the green flag, and then you blink, and they've disappeared right before turn number 1.

At the dragstrips, I can see the tree come down, or the flagger jump, tires blazing, front wheels in the air, and about half track, everything goes quiet, and no ones there.

That's how I see these tracks, I can see and hear the cars, smell the burgers and hot dogs, smell the race gas and burnt rubber, and feel the thunder from the engines.. only to have it vanish before my eyes. Being too young to have ever seen a race at 10 or more of the tracks ive visited, that's usually all ill ever see.

"When the checkered flag waves, engines go quiet, and everyone leaves for the final time, can you look back and say "I was there"? - Andrew Thornton
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