Thread: In Remembrance... The Ghosts of old race tracks
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Default Re: The Ghosts of old race tracks

Just interesting how a young guy like yourself takes auto racing so seriously, wish more dudes like you were out there. I was born in June 1960, mom and dad took me to my first midget race a few weeks after. Me and Webby spent our youth going to the midgets with our Dad. In our lives we have lost several of our most favorite temples of speed. Lakeside Speedway, Englewood Speedway both paved ovals in the Denver area. Century 21 Speedway only ran 2 seasons 1971 and 1972, then it closed. In 1982 Raceland opened, 1/2 mile dirt oval, it was shortened and re-configured over the years becoming Rocky Mountain National Speedway, it closed in 05' or 06'?...As for tracks across America, Ascot was my all time favorite, I've been to tracks with better grand stands, and restrooms, etc. but never a better dirt surface. Manaznita in Phoenix another legend I've been to that closed. Colorado Springs had 4 paved ovals over the years, they are all gone, expect Colorado Springs International which is closed but still exists. Anyway, lots of great memories and history, keep us posted!
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