Thread: In Remembrance... The Ghosts of old race tracks
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I got to go to Manzanita in 2005, when I was 9. On our way to see my half sister in California, we stopped in Phoenix, where my dad lived from 1959-1963 when we was about 6-9 years old. My dad was born in 1954 in Missouri. He ran Midgets at Marysville, Sacramento, and several others in California from 1973-1976, while on leave in the Navy. What I wouldn't give to have a picture of that. He ran his cars and motorcycles at Freemont Raceway, and O.C.I.R. in the 80s. Rode 3 wheelers in the Glamis Dunes, and then was transferred to Massachusetts where he met my mom. Dad hasn't been down/around a track competitively in 30+ years. He made sure ive made it to every race for the past 10 years. Even when my brothers raced, he made sure we all got to play, because baseball didn't do that. As soon as I can, im gonna build my old man some kind of racecar to give him the same thrill ive gotten for a long time now.
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