Thread: In Remembrance... The Ghosts of old race tracks
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For those that enjoy my "Ghost Trax" project, me and my family are moving to the Joplin, Missouri area next week, I have a few tracks in mind to visit.

Mitch, maybe you can help me once again with the speedway directory for the Kansas, Missouri area..

Joplin 66 Raceway-Visited October 2015. 1993-2004 Still abandoned.

Joplin/Ozark Speedway- Long gone, operated from the early 60s-1971

71 Speedway in Neosho- track surface remains, operated from 1971-1975ish

Greentop Speedway- Overgrown with trees, closed in 1958-1959

North Fork Speedway- 1997-2000, now a pond.

Just a couple that im aware of.
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