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All good Mitch, been busy here recently myself, just updating when I have something new!

Located in Muskogee, Oklahoma at the Muskogee State Fairgrounds, sits the dormant Thunderbird Speedway.

Originally opening in 1903 as a horse track, and holding auto races starting in 1915 until 1941, and again in 1946 with weekly racing beginning in 1955 and continuing until 2003 when the grandstands were condemmed due to the roof falling into a state of disrepair. The track re-opened in 2010, and ran until falling silent again following the 2013 season. The track has previously run under several names including Muskogee Speedway, and Muskogee Motor Speedway.

The track is a fast semi banked 1/2 mile, with a 1/4 mile oval in the infield.

Rumors have gone around about the track re-opening in 2016, which never came to fruition. And again in 2017, and so far, same story, however, the grandstand roof was removed, and the track has been cleaned up recently as seen in pictures.

Only time will tell if this legendary facility will ever see another green flag.
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