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Mitch, interesting thread. Had a similar piece I was considering about Denver's Lakeside Speedway cars that "left the park", but this venue just the right spot. I for one didn't think that cars on that short paved track could get upside down often, much less airborne and over that three row guard rail, but I was wrong. During all those years I was never there when it happened until much later, but thanks to quick track photographers like Scotty Duncan and Dave Allinger those events are on record. Here are some of those in the 'Over the Wall Club'.

Don't know who was the first to go over, but earliest I'm aware of was 1956 when Lloyd King in #42 cleared the rail at the north end of the track just past the north entrance. Almost appears as if he used a ramp, and amazingly managed to land on all four wheels! #92 is Bill Brown, #44 Gus Thomas and I think #87 Billy Vaughn.

At least a couple of guys made it over in grand style. During the 1957 season one of the more publisized was the '32 Hudson #4 driven by Blu Plemons, who slid down the backstretch rail, clipping the track lights before crashing against the base of the grandstand in the northeast corner. This Denver Post photo shows the results!

The photo of the Jim Malloy driven #33 Vicky wadded up between the guard rail and the grandstand has been posted a number of times on past track program's "Remember When" pages. The third photo here, also from 1957, shows him in the air on his way to that rude nose down landing. #53 is Bruce Ruth, #55 Bob Piscitella and #29 Sammy Gallo.

Photo four from 1963 shows Ronnie Tomsic in Bob McDowell's #14 heading over the rail just past the north entrance. Others are team car #35 Corky Blair, #90 Bart Manley, #120 either Joe Garone or Dick Pisccitella and #4 Blu Plemons.

Last photo is from 1968 showing Tom Pryor Jr. taking a spectacular spill, barrel rolling the fiberglass bodied #3 over the north east wall coming to rest at the base of the grandstand at about the same spot where Blu Plemons landed in '57. #4 Blu and #78 Charles Palmer scoot by underneath. This one happened right in front of me and got my heart rate up a few tics! Resilient Tommy was immediately out of the car and up to the rail before the crash crew got there.

Others in the coupes/sedans who got over the wall, or would have had it not been for the fencing just on the other side in places include Frank Denning, Bobby Wallace, Bob Foulk, and Jay Saxton. I've probably overlooked a few.
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