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Default Amazing vintage crash photos

Usually we don't dwell on crashes, no one wants to see a driver hurt or equipment destroyed. However, most photographers would probably agree some of their most spectacular work would be capturing that moment in time where a driver is surviving his worst nightmare, and his car probably isn't.
Open Wheel Magazine put out 2 special issues of "Roll, Crash, and Burn" magazine, one in 1987, another in 1989, here are some samples.

Duncan was nearly 70 years old (well before arm restraints, eh!) and the car got over 20 feet in the air.

By 1965 most sprint cars were of pretty modern construction, Carl Bailey was badly injured (the only crash photo I'll use with a driver badly injured in this thread), but he had no business in a pre world war II, rail frame on a one mile paved oval, in my opinion, note his goggles are torn off.

loved the mid 60's NASCAR races, this was a spectacular video as well.

Phil Barkdoll filps out of a Daytona race in 1987, David Tucker photo.

Stan Hanson catches a sprinter in mid flight at Ascot, Not sure but it may be female driver Vickie Creech.

This great Mike Arthur shot is from his book, "Old School Vol.1 1971-1977"
So, check out these amazing photos, add some of your own, lots of amazing stuff out there, interesting history of the sport.

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