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Default Re: Ken Coles Racing Photos

Mitch G., I have the Sprint Car Bruce Walkup bought / drove in 1964. His cousin Fay Mooney discovered it somewhere and was going to "restore' it. I don't know anything about its "restoration," but Mooney sold it to Ron Welty of Woodland, CA and Ron took it to Calistoga for Sept. 5, 1976. The front axle broke and photos of it as 80x can be seen in the on line NARC 1976 yearbook on pages 25, 49, 53. I am seeking a color photo of it in 1964 to return it to the color scheme and race number it had when Bruce Walkup raced it in 1964. Ron Welty was a friend. We had partnered to build an engine for Ron Simmons at West Capital in 1973 and I moved to Portland in 1974. After the crash, Ron sold the engine, in and out box and fuel tank to someone in Australia and we did some trading. I picked up the disassembled residue of the Sprint Car at Tognotti's and brought it to Portland where it has been for the past 40 years. I have enough vintage to the time of the car parts to build a 327 not unlike what it would have had and have the 1 13/16 Hilborn that belongs to the car. I recently found a CAE in and out box at a swap meet and from the on line '67 CAE catalog, believe a sheet metal friend will be able to fab a reasonable facsimile of a CAE fuel tank. But I don't have a pic. of the Sprint car from 1964. Got any ideas, suggestions?? Thank You.
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