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Default Re: JOE LEHMAN - The Two Minute Interview

(J.L. McGuire collection) Joe Lehman and his Super Modified from 1967.

(J.L. McGuire collection) This is one of the strangest trophy shots I’ve ever seen, but has a
great story behind it. Here we see Sammy Sauer receiving a trophy while standing in front of
rival Joe Lehman’s car. What had happened was that Sammy and Joe were dueling it out for
the main event win at Englewood Speedway one night in the late ‘60’s. Sammy’s “win or wreck”
attitude came together this night as he totaled his car right at the finish line to barely take
the win. Since there was no race car left for the trophy shot, second place Joe Lehman obliged.
Great stuff! –J.L.

(Photo by Mel Keller/Irwin Fogel collection) Joe Lehman did all kinds of racing over the years
and the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb was no exception. Here’s Joe’s entry for the 1970 race, a brand
new ’70 Ford Cobra. –J.L.
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