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Default Re: Devils Motor Club

In a way , Sidney Nebraska really helped fuel my interest in race cars . During the 1950s and 60s , we went through Sidney from Sterling on our way to my grandmothers home practically EVERY holiday and EVERY summer for vacation . And it always worked out that we needed gas just about the time we pulled in Sidney . I don't recall names or numbers , but i remember several of the gas stations in town had stock cars parked in front or in the bay . I always requested that we get gas at one of those stations . And all the time my father was getting gas and checking under the hood , i was scrutinizing every nut and bolt of whatever race car was parked there .
I often think local racing could be better marketed by parking race cars in front of local businesses every day of the week with a poster describing the car and giving info on the race track .
Thanks for the great photos .
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