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Default Re: Shelly Park Speedway Idaho Springs, Co.

I grew up in Idaho Springs and attended many races at the track. In the picture of the cars # 13 is Chuck Keim, a neighbor, #21 I remember Cal Sherrill well, #47 is H. McMillan and the 1936 Ford coupe in back could be Warren Hodgson. Caroll (C. T.) White was a good friend and dominated the races for several years in his Plymouth. Boyd Quinn was the wrench on the car and made it go fast. With C. T.s driving they were hard to beat. C. T. died in a drowning accident in 2013. Boyd Quinn is doing well. The present ball fields on the site are named Shelly and Quinn fields in honor of the original owner of the land who donated it to the town and Boyd who did the excavation work for both the race track and the ball fields.
Bud Orr

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