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Default Re: What Does Your Avatar Mean!!

My first avatar was the back of my 69 Ford Galaxie XL which reads "Christine" and this car lives up to her name. While unloading it off the trailer, after going through yet another transmission, it decided to "run-away" with me holding on to her steering wheel. I lost my balance and fell to the floor just in time for "Christine" to run over both my legs. Nothing broken but it did make contact with a boat and trailer sitting behind it and pushed it half way out the door! My second avatar was a side shot of a '35' Chevy panel that I painted "Deep Purple" on, which is one of my favorite bands, and my new avatar is my old logo that I painted on a bunch of race cars in the late 60's and early 70's. RSS stands for Ricks Sign Shop.

Rick Losh "Superstroke"
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