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Default Re: Glad to find this site.

Originally Posted by dannyracer6 View Post
Hi Ya all.
I am so glad to find this site. My name is Dan Smith. I spent 5 years in Colo. Springs where I met my wife who was born and raised there. She went to Palmer HS. We have been married for 40 years. Currently live in Emmett, ID which is near Boise. I am retired from working for GM. She is a school teacher. I spent the years from 67 to 72 attending and working on race cars at the old Pikes Peaks speedway out on 24. Also spent time at Raceway park across the hiway. met and worked with many super people...Bill Walter, Larry Carnes, Carl Foster, McDowell, Browning, Clark and a host of others that I would run out of space naming. Back then, PPS was the place to go to race. That little 1/5 mile bull ring was so fine. I have been in stock car racing for over 35 years and raced just about every type of oval car there is. Won my share of races and mostly had a blast just competing. Been on a lot of race tracks, maybe sometime we can talk about that. I currently have a Pro4/LML asphalt car that I plan to compete with here at Meridian Speedway. Don't have a lot of years left but will keep climbing in and out of the window as long as I can. I am 67 and can still compete. I am thankful for that and for this great country that allows us to do this...

Welcome to ARM! We are thrilled to have you here. I certified your membership so you can post pictures and stuff (if you want to).
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